Anatomy of the spine

Models of the spine help us understand our back pain.

One day your starting the lawn mower, shoveling snow, or lifting a load and all of the sudden you get this sharp low back pain.

Anatomy Of The Spine

In order to describe what takes place in that scenario, we have to go through the models of the spine to show you the parts in the anatomy of the spine that gets injured and what takes place to cause this pain.

This is the view of the vertebrae facing from the front. This is the body of the vertebrae, which is like a building block. This is a disc. This lies between each of the vertebrae and acts like a shock absorber. It’s made of fibrous rings and a gelatinous center.

As we turn the vertebrae around, we can see what are called the facet joints. They are upper and lower. They connect each one of the vertebrae together. The connection of these facets form an opening, and this opening lets the spinal nerve come off the spinal cord, as it comes down the spine.

This misaligned vertebrae is a sublaxation

This misaligned vertebrae is a sublaxation

These facets also let us twist and bend all within certain ranges. They can only go so far. Due to over-stretching or aging, the facets can change position and chafe these nerves, giving us a lot of pain.

With injuries and with aging, we increase the speed to which the disc deteriorates and also the shape of the vertebrae. The disc reduces in height and puts a lot more stress on the vertebra, thus forming spurs. This is called arthritis. As time goes on, the disc gets much thinner, and the opening from which this nerve comes out, gets smaller and smaller, increasing the pressure on the nerve. This is called disc and vertebra deterioration.

In a ‘slipped disc’, that gelatinous material gets pushed out and goes out into that opening called the foramina, thereby hitting the nerve. This injury is called a disc herniation.

So, what an individual can do is maintain a good chiropractic care to slow down this process and maintain a healthy spinal column and spinal disc, thus reducing the degeneration and arthritis that will occur sooner if not taken care of.

Chiropractic care can help slow down the degenerative process, but also we can get rid of your normal aches and pains from auto accidents, slips and falls, and other chronic conditions. We are equipped to take care of all these injuries in our clinic.

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