The crack heard commonly with chiropractic adjustment is not from the bone.

  • The joints between your bones are lined with cartilage, this cartilage allows you to move your bones around smoothly and without irritation to the bones.
  • The cartilage however needs a “lubricant” so it will not wear out.  This lubricant is a clear fluid that is in all your joints.  This is what swells up when you injure a joint like your knee or ankle.
  • Therefore, when a chiropractor adjusts a joint, he/she momentarily separates the joint and pulls some gas from the fluid, and that little gas bubble then pops.  This is the exact same kind of “pop” or “crack” when you crack your knuckles.
  • There is another type of crack your body can produce, it is the cracking commonly found when knees or elbows are bent.  This is caused when tendons that attach your muscles to your bones snap over a bump on your bone.