Slips Trips Falls

Illustration of person who slips, trips & falls on the ground

Slips, Trips & Falls can be painful

It can happen anytime, anywhere. You’re distracted or inattentive to the situation for just a moment. The ladder slides away from the house. Your traction gives way to a slippery surface. Your foot catches on a stair or uneven walkway. Suddenly, you’re down before you even know what happened. Now, you’re bruised, banged up or worse, have a serious injury.

There are a variety of conditions that contribute to slips, trips and falls in the home and at work. People of all ages and from every walk of life are injured every day from these types of situations.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. At Napoli Chiropractic Center in Anoka, MN we are experienced with assisting people with pain, stiffness and injuries resulting from slips, trips and falls. Our clinic offers compassionate care and treatment utilizing a multitude of adjusting techniques and therapies, designed to fit you just right. We strive to relieve pain as quickly as possible.

For your convenience, we offer flexible scheduling to fit your busy schedule, easy payment plan, and a convenient location, just a short drive on Round Lake Blvd. Map and directions to Napoli Chiropractic Center.

If you’ve recently been involved in a slip, trip or fall at home or work, don’t wait to get a professional assessment and treatment. Your pain and injury may get worse if you do nothing. Dr. James Napoli can answer questions and perform a thorough assessment to evaluate your individual situation.

We understand one size does NOT fit all. Our Chiropractic Center is proud to offer individualized care, multiple adjustments and therapies. If needed, specialized traction is available. The best part is that with proper Chiropractic treatment, you can feel better and function normally again.

Napoli Chiropractic Center works with most insurance and health plans in Minnesota. Affordable cash payment plans are available if necessary. If you are not sure about your health plan or insurance coverage, please contact us. For more details, check out:

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