Patient Stories

Read what patients have to say about their experience at Napoli Chiropractic Center and see why Dr. James Napoli is a unique and trusted chiropractor for comfortably and safely treating headaches, neck & back pain, symptoms from car accidents, chronic pain and other injuries.

Symptoms: Low Back Pain

I herniated a disk between L4 and L5 (verified through MRI) and know no one in the chiropractic field. I walked into Dr Napoli’s office a little skeptical. He performed adjustments and traction that gave me relief from the pain. After about ten months of his care and three spinal injections my disk is no longer herniated (confirmed via an MRI). I can’t give him a high enough recommendation. He helped me get back to living life again. M.B. 7/2016

Symptoms: Back Pain, Leg Pain

When my back hurts or I have shooting pains in my legs, and can barely walk, I know that when I can get in and get adjustments, I can expect to be pain free very soon. He is incredible! very knowledgeable. Been seeing him for approx 4yrs as needed. G.K. 2/2016

Symptoms: Low back pain

“I was working out at the gym and I injured my low back. I looked at his reviews and they had all but good things to say. I took a chance and I was that I did. He explained the problem to me with spinal models so I could understand what occurred to me at the gym. I am happy to say that he fixed me within a short period of time and I was on my way back to the gym. I am writing this review because I trusted those reviews and I felt I needed to write one also. Thank you Doctor Napoli!”A. H. 1/2016

Symptoms: Chronic pain

“My wife and I have been treated by Dr. Napoli for over ten years and have been treated with nothing more than caring and with a compassionate and very professional attitude towards our specific conditions. My wife was always skeptical about chiropractic services, but after a couple visits with Dr. Napoli she was a believer in the treatments he performed and how they made such a difference the way she felt. Appointments are never a problem as schedules are made to fit the patient and their time. We will never go anywhere else for this type of care as Dr. Napoli has always been there for us and has a dedication and knowledge of his practice that makes it such an easy decision to make when it comes to chiropractic care.”B. H. 1/2016

Symptoms: Pain in hip and groin / Sciatica

“I can’t recommend Dr. Jim enough! I’m in my 30’s. I’m a runner, I’m a mom, and I love being active. I have not experienced immobilizing pain like this in my life.

I limped into Napoli Chiropractic with what I thought was a muscle injury in my hip / groin. I had been hobbling around stubbornly for weeks thinking it would get better on its own. By the time I gimped my way through the doors, my pain was through the roof, I constantly reeked of IcyHot, and I was popping a lot of ibuprofen regularly. Immediately Dr. Jim knew this was not a muscle issue but something more serious involving my sciatic nerve and spine.

He stayed late the very first afternoon and made sure every issue was addressed and worked on. I felt IMMEDIATE relief–For the first time in WEEKS!!

I’ve been treated by him a couple times a week for the last couple of weeks and I’m doing infinitely better. I know sciatic pain can last for weeks or months so I am beyond grateful for the progress we have made. I very enthusiastically recommend Dr. J and his chiropractic services.

While I will miss his kind disposition, quick wit, stellar office music choices and Cindy (who is one of the nicest humans you will ever meet) I will be singing his praises when I’m water skiing and riding bike with my kiddos!”B.K. 8/11/15

Symptoms: Headaches, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, Car Accident Injury

I started going to Napoli Chiropractic several years ago for┬áchronic headaches – I had seen other Chiropractors with no success. I knew I finally found the right one with Dr Napoli. Not only did he help me with my headaches, my sciatica and carpal tunnel too. I was recently involved in a car accident and Dr Napoli was the one I went to first. I refer my friends and family to Dr Napoli and we have all had great success with Napoli Chiropractic. Thanks for giving us our health back!”N.H. 3/3/15

Symptoms: Pain in Neck and Back, Work related injury

My wife and I have been going to Napoli Chiropractic Center for well over ten years. During this time Dr. Napoli has treated us for a variety of back and neck ailments ranging from a work related injury I suffered in 2004 to neck and spine alignments on a regular basis. All of these ailments were reduced or completely relieved from the treatments we received from Dr. Napoli. His knowledge and understanding of a patient’s medical history and his genuine caring attitude for our particular medical problems made him a great choice for our chiropractic needs. We appreciate how visits are scheduled around our time and the door is always open in case of an emergency visit. We feel very comfortable when getting treatments there and the atmosphere is very friendly and laid back, which is a nice change from stuffy medical facilities. We would definitely recommend Napoli Chiropractic if you are in need a minor alignment or are in need of extensive pain relief. Thanks Dr. Napoli for all these years of your expertise in this field and your caring attitude when treating us.” – B.H. 12/27/14

Symptoms: Back pain, Work Related Injury

I was injured on the job in September of this year. Being a single mother, I needed the best care available to ensure my return to work as soon as possible. I knew I made the right choice with Dr. Napoli when he actually listened. Seeing an emergency doctor and my regular doctor twice being prescribed numerous prescriptions… I wasn’t feeling fixed! I needed to know what was happening and how can we fix it. I needed to return to work. Dr. Napoli ensured that. He has gotten me from looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame my first day to pushing for an MRI to locating the problem. Then calling me the minute the results came back. Knowing how difficult waiting can be on a person. And then to explain the problem throughly and what the treatment plan will be. I am thankful for his dedication to my health. Thank you.” – D.P. 12/26/14

Symptoms: Neck pain, Migraine Headaches, Car Accident Injury

I have been going to Dr Napoli since April, 2013. I have had chronic neck pain caused from a car accident in 2002. I have seen several doctors and been to a pain clinic in the past but everything only helped temporarily. With Dr Napoli’s adjustments to my neck, deep tissue massage and ultra sound he has helped the pain in my neck and helped with migraine headaches. My pain has been cut back about 80% since my initial treatment. Thank you Dr Napoli!!” – J.H. 6/28/13

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