Do I Have a Slipped Disc?

Discs do not “slip”, however like the shock absorbers on your car, they can leak or rupture.

  • Technically, a disc can’t “slip”.  The inter vertebral disc is a pad of cartilage-type material situated between spinal bones.  Each disc serves as a connector, spacer, and shock absorber for the spine.  A soft, jelly-like center is contained by outer layers of fibrous tissue.  Healthy discs help allow normal turning and bending.
  • Because of the way each disc is attached to the vertebrae above and below, a disc cannot “slip”.  Trauma or injury to the spine, however, can cause discs to tear, bulge, herniate, or worse, rupture.  This can be quite painful, as the soft center of the disc leaks, putting pressure on the adjacent nerve roots and spinal cord.
  • While results cannot be guaranteed, many patients have avoided needless surgery or a dependency on pain pills, by choosing chiropractic care for their disc-related health problem.