Adjustments and Therapies

For over 30 years, Napoli Chiropractic Center has been successfully treating people from around Minneapolis & St. Paul for spinal ailments, pain and other injuries. These injuries range from auto accidents, work & sports, and pain from activities from daily living.

At Napoli Chiropractic, we use a variety of effective adjusting techniques and proven therapies to treat a multitude of conditions using chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapies that don’t require drugs or corrective surgery.

Browse the Adjustments and Therapies section to learn more about the many ways we treat head, neck & back pain and injuries. If you have questions or concerns about your own situation and how we can help, please contact us to speak to Dr. Napoli.


Watch this video for a demonstration of what follows a cervical adjustment at Napoli Chiropractic Clinic.

Another thing we do at Napoli Chiropractic Center, after a cervical adjustment, we like to work the muscles that support the cervical spine so they don’t move the vertebrae back to where we just moved them from. A lot of people tighten up. So, what we do is gently get in and do a deep massage but only to the tolerance to the patient.

This works in the sense that it relaxes the muscles that people just tightened up and reduces the amount of spasms in the neck if they came in from a car accident, a trip or fall, or even from the tensions of normal everyday life. We dig this out and it relaxes the patients and removes headaches immediately.