Spinalator Therapy

intersegmental traction, massages and relieves muscle spasms.

The Spinalator provides intersegmental traction, massages and relieves muscle spasms.

Napoli Chiropractic Center offers patients the Spinalator Table, a relaxing therapy also known as intersegmental traction. This traction provides muscle spasm relief, induces motion in the spine, and provides a relaxing, gentle massage of the entire spine.

For a demonstration of Intersegmental traction, watch this video as Dr. Napoli demonstrates the procedure on a patient at Napoli Chiropractic Clinic.

This piece of physical therapy is our intersegmental traction table. It’s used to improve disc hydration, facet joint motion, and reduce tight muscle spasms.

The patient lies on the table, and whether it’s the neck, mid-back or low back, the patient just lies on the table and rollers come up to gently lift the body up, opening up the facet joints, moving the discs to get more osmosis working in it, and therefor also stretching out the muscle spasms which relaxes the patient and helps the stability of the back.