Thompson Drop-Table Technique

Why Multiple Thrust Adjusting?

The concept of multiple thrust low force adjustment of joints is enhanced with the addition of drop sections on the chiropractic adjusting table. The reasoning is based on Newton’s Law of Motion, in that when two objects fall through space the energy generated in object number one is transferred to the second object at the moment of impact as the drop piece stops.

The force induced by the chiropractor’s thrust into the joint space is enhanced with the addition of the drop mechanism. Three or four quick thrusts overcome the body’s inherent capacity of the flight or fight mechanism, giving rise to the concept that the body will relax more readily, and the experience is less traumatic.

For a demonstration of adjusting using the Thompson Chiropractic Technique, watch this video as Dr. Napoli demonstrates the procedure on a patient at Napoli Chiropractic Clinic.

This is our Thompson Table. This is a table that we use on people that are a little bit more difficult to adjust and it helps move the vertebrae easier without using a lot of force.

In this situation, we’re using a drop piece that causes the body to drop down and then when it hits the bottom, it starts the vertebrae in motion.

It works like this…you take the contact, you thrust, the vertebrae moves, you get done, and the patient gets up. It’s very easy on those patients that are difficult to move or are in a lot of pain.

Thompson Technique Chiropractic