McManis Traction

McManis Traction Table at Napoli Chiropractic Center

McManis Traction Table is offered at Napoli Chiropractic Center

The patient lies face down on the McManis Traction Table.

The lower portion of the table bends downward (flexion) approximately two inches, removing the irritation caused by disc protrusions and jammed vertebral facets.

For a demonstration of the McManis Treatment Table, watch this video as Dr. Napoli demonstrates the procedure on a patient at Napoli Chiropractic Clinic.

This McManis Treatment Table video demonstrates our McManis table room at Napoli Chiropractic Clinic. It’s a lumbar traction room that we use whenever we have facet injuries and disc injuries. Those are the people with severe pain in their backs and pain going down their legs.

In this situation, we have them lay down and we do a contact on the vertebrae that’s giving them the problem, and then we slightly flex the table down which then opens up the joints and separates the vertebrae open the disc apart so the pressure comes off that nerve.

It’s a very simple maneuver that you just press down on the vertebrae that’s causing the problem, and then you gently bring it back up to the start position. This is done multiple times to take that pressure off and it also releases the inflammation that builds up in this area.

You move to the patients tolerance so that it doesn’t ever hurt, and that relieves low back pain.